Audio Visual Art Collections

The Ambient Music Garden audio visual art collections will be producing animated art triggered by the music I’ve been producing since 2006 that now numbers over two thousand pieces.

Each track will have its own animated art production synced to the music. The art will animate to the music in more than one frequency range or instrument.

Each digital art piece will be a unique master copy and be NFT authenticated. A looped segment of the artwork as presented for sale will be downloadable upon purchase.

Additionally each art piece will be offered with additional download files:

  1. The license (see below)
  2. The full 1080p HD version of the digital art (normally between 5 to 20 minutes in length. If the owner wishes to have a 4K version I will try to produce one if possible.

Each art piece will come with a license document stating the IRC number of the musical composition and master along with a description defining that the piece can be used in both private and commercial environments with no limits to location size or type. The license will also state the art piece will not have any additional performing royalties due for use by its owner.

This is not a transfer of copyright, but an ownership of the only commercially available master works of the music and the synced animation art to be made available for sale.


I will be producing series of collections to explore the form but do not plan to produce any more pieces of ambient music, thus the production is a finite collection in this form and genre.

I have ambitions still outstanding in different genres but have no current timescales for this work to be researched and produced.