Ambient Garden v2.0 Finally Gets A New Design Go-Ahead

Ambient Music Garden has been licensing music to the health and wellbeing markets since 2007. But during this time we have witnessed a massive change in technology that has enabled better ways to communicate and distribute quality content for businesses to serve up to their clients around the world.

Indeed with apps and online technology it is now simpler than ever to serve your clients locally as well as where ever they are in the world. This also means you can grow your therapeutic business internationally whilst also keeping your local clients close and well looked after.

But with new distribution and connectivity enabling businesses to keep connected to their clients for longer comes the challenge of sourcing and producing quality content at a consistent rate to meet their consumption needs.

With Ambient Music Garden’s new service we will be able to help you develop a workflow that fulfils a high level of consumption of quality content.

Our service will provide a simple way to audition music and for you to select music for different projects. Our mix tool will enable you to mix your selected music with your own uploaded voice over audio and mix them together ready for distribution to your chosen media be that physical or digital.

Not only that, the service creates a more affordable way for therapists to produce content quickly and in volume to their clients.

Additionally we will be opening up new and additional ways in which therapists can grow their businesses and deepen their relationships with their client community. More on that after we launch the first part of the service.

If you would like to hear more when more details come available please click on the contact link to register your interest in keeping in touch with us and hearing the latest news of our new and improved version 2.0 Ambient Music Garden service.

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